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Hi! I'm Dawn...

And I love talking about all things movement...


The physics movement, the movement of ideas, perceptions, social movements, and how to harness the power of your purpose to create a movement in your life and business.

I am a lover of philosophy, an early joiner of the embodiment movement, and an interdisciplinary thinker and writer who loves to move at the intersections of ideas and innovate new paradigms for thinking, living, and being human.

I partner with visionary entrepreneurs, like you, who want to activate their thought leadership message and build a sustainable business that creates a movement.  


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Create Your Purpose Movement


Being a leader in the business of creating and supporting change is a holistic endeavor of mind, body, soul, and spirit. It requires a commitment to a purpose that both speaks to the heart of your life and the lives of those in your community. 

Entrepreneurship creates a unique catalyst and opportunity and vehicle to share our transformational expertise to inspire change, create value, and build a better world.

The emergence of transformational coaches, healers, and visionary entrepreneurs that are creating a movement of transformation with their business is a purpose movement in itself- to create a humanistic economy that supports people to be at their best.   

In my coaching programs, I work with my clients to embody their purpose in their life and business, create the right well-being strategies to sustain their purpose, and create a business model that translates their purpose into a movement. 

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Get the high-level strategy and support

to elevate your leadership and expand your impact without burnout.


#1- Embodied Leadership Coaching

For transformational leaders and entrepreneurs that want to re-align their self-care systems and strategy to confidently expand step into their next level of leadership with a full cup. 


#2-  Thought Leadership Brand and Business Strategy 

 For transformational leaders, coaches, healers, and practitioners that want to stand out from the crowd, expand their impact and create a sustainable business that feeds their creativity and inspires their deepest purpose. 


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"Official" Bio...

Dawn is a creative innovator in the fields of embodiment, philosophy, somatic coaching, and transformational business strategy. 

She has a BA in Philosophy and Theology and a MA in Interdisciplinary Research in Philosophy and Dance.  She has over seventeen years of experience in business as an artist, movement therapist, studio owner, and holistic coach.

She works with visionary entrepreneurs and experts who want to activate a new movement and vision for wealth, well-being, and transformational impact in their life and business. 



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Client Love...

Julia D

Dawn is all in, every moment, and has a rare skill set to merge both the embodied and the profit-making worlds.

Theresa P

Dawn never fails to surprise me with her knowledge or experience on so many matters and topics, making her one of the most well-rounded educators I’ve met.

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