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Reflections on 17 years in Business

blogs business strategy dawn's reflections podcast purpose May 07, 2022

I am coming on seventeen years of entrepreneurship this month and I am reflecting on what has emerged for me over the years as the key elements that support a sustainable transformation business.

The top three, which are also the core pillars of my Movement Creator's Scale Framework,  are your purpose, your people, and your processes.

  1.  First, having a deep and abiding purpose for my business as it serves my life and the lives of others is the foundation of why I have stayed in business through the ups and downs over the years.
  2. Second, having a passion for the people I serve and support is an extension of my own purpose and expands it out to the transformation I can support others to make in their lives.
  3. And Thirdly, but perhaps the most important, the systems, processes, and practices that I use in my work have been the foundation for my ability to confidently sell my services, get results for my clients and create a client experience that builds long-term returning clients ( ***and a sustainable business focused on serving my clients...not learning the latest marketing tool).

These pillars are not static and they have evolved over the years, but I have always returned to them when I feel like I have gotten off course or it is time to evolve and grow the next iteration of my business. 

And these pillars could apply to your work even if you don't own a business but have the entrepreneurial mindset of self-reliance, creative growth, and contribution.

So how have these pillars supported you in your business and work to evolve and grow? And which of these pillars may be ready to grow and evolve so you can grow and evolve your business, your life, and your creative impact?

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