Soul & Strategy Coach

My Approach

I partner with Healers, Coaches and Wellness Business owners to help them leverage their unique expertise and grow their business with ease and authenticity.

I have a diverse background as a philosopher, artist, movement therapist, health and business business coach. I am skilled at helping my clients translate their complex ideas and systems into concrete applications. I help my clients to quickly hone in on the synergy between their unique skill and expertise, their most lucrative niche and the business structure that will leverage their time and talents with ease and authenticity.

I believe that when you build your life and business from a deep foundation of your highest sense of purpose and creating the highest level of value for your clients you can create a business that is BOTH spiritually AND financially rewarding.

In my coaching programs, I help you to hone in on, evolve and deepen your sense of soulful alignment within your business foundation and brand to create more income, impact and freedom in your life and business.

My Story

 I was like many practitioners in the healing arts when I started my business. I had a lot of passion, but I didn’t know a lot about how to run a business so I just figured it out as I went.  I developed a steady one on one practice by trial and error and gradually started to develop a “type” of client that I worked with best.

But I quickly started to hit an energy and income ceiling…I only had a fixed number of hours and a limited hourly rate. I was starting to get burned out and as I looked to the future, I just didn’t see how my one on one practice was going to grow without hiring other people or continuing to struggle with my rates.  

I knew I needed a mindset shift, I needed some soul searching and I needed a new strategy for leveraging my expertise.  This is when I learned about the coaching field…and I discovered a whole new business paradigm and secret strategy.


And the value I deliver to clients is not in proportion to the amount of one on one time I spend with them.  What they want is change, transformation and support and the tried and true systems, steps and processes that can help them reach their goals.  My one on one time is only one vehicle for this.  

So I stepped into some powerful business and brand training that helped me delve deeper into the synergy between my purpose, the people I served and the unique system I created to take them from point A to point B. 

So what does it take to create more money, impact and freedom so you can do the things love and live your bliss? You have to get crystal clear on your purpose, the specific needs of the people you serve and transform your unique expertise into a signature system that you can leverage into high end programs that empower transformation in your ideal clients.

Now I work with health entrepreneurs, like you,  to help YOU take take your wellness business to the next level and step into the full worth of your expertise so you can have a business that is both spiritually AND financially successful. 

Are you ready to take the next step with your business? Lets chat!


My Values & Beliefs

You CAN follow your bliss AND grow your business

When you do what you love and inspires your soul and build your work around that you will build a business with a deep foundation for success

You DON'T have to work more to make MORE money

Making more money in your business rarely equates with just working more hours.  Making more money is connected to working smarter and leveraging your expertise and your one on one time.

Your business can grow and change as you do

Your business is fluidly connected to your growth and life path. It WILL shift grow and change as you do. Navigating these changes can be smooth and can be done in a way that honors where you have been and where you are going.