The Art of Embodiment Coaching Programs

What Is the Art of Embodiment?

The Art of Embodiment is a series of coaching programs that helps you unwind areas of limitation and restriction in your body and connect to your inherent wisdom to heal, create and live in joy and in your purpose! Through embodiment: live fully, play fully and experience authentic well being in your life!

Discover Your Authentic Path of Health and Well-Being

The Art of Embodiment Programs help you to:

  • Work with areas of pain, restriction and limitation in your life
  • Discover your health narrative and take an active role in creating it
  • Create a unique vision for your health and well-being that is fluid and shifts with your changing life and goals
  • Create time for your own self care and fitness and wellness goals that are doable and fit with your life
  • Create more joy, connection and a feeling of authentic well-being in your life


The First Course in the Art of Embodiment Sequence: Cultivating Authentic Well-Being starts June 1, 2017

Why Do You Need to Take This Course?

Are you struggling to see the forest for the trees? To find time for yourself and be well in your life? This introductory course will introduce you to the Art of Embodiment Approach to cultivating authentic well being.   This six week hybrid of one on one coaching and online support materials will help you to:

  • Define well-being for yourself, uncover your health narratives and vision
  • Create a wellness program that is flexible and fits your evolving needs
  • Create change in an area of your life

The course includes:

  • Weekly Modules delivered through the fabulous Life Coach Office System
  • One on One Coaching
  • Email support
  • The Art of Embodiment Workbook

For 10 years, I’ve worked as Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist helping people to deepen their connection to their bodies through movement, body awareness and creative practices. And in this transformational course I’ve helped my clients to cultivate their inner vision and wisdom and create a wellness practice that is unique to their individual needs.

Now it’s your turn to find your path…