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Many thanks to Dawn Strom for sharing her experience, skills, knowledge and perhaps most importantly, her caring nature. Dawn is both my Gyrotonic instructor and my Health Coach. I am happy to report I am more health enabled, more flexible, stronger and more mindful of what it takes to maximize your opportunities for movement. I recommend Dawn absolutely!

Nancy Vepraskas

President, P2 Excellence

As a busy executive, student, wife, and mother, finding time to work out seemed impossible.  Dawn’s coaching provided the boost I needed to achieve my goal of starting a realistic, achievable routine that fit with my work and home life.  With Dawn’s encouragement and support, I was able to come up with new options to try until I found one that I could stick with.  Coaching made all the difference for me!

Amy Smith

Nurse Health Coach, Healthcare Executive, Author, Nurse Leader Coach LLC

Gyrotonic exercises help me connect to the radiating energy patterns in movement. I can then move fuller, longer and stronger when I dance or engage in daily activities. Dawn has a great understanding for the body and this exercise system; her instinctual teaching style is generous and effective.

Brittany Fridenstine- Keefe

Gyrotonic Instructor, Professional Dancer, My Spiral Motion

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