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Whether you want to launch, grow or scale your transformational wellness business, my 3 Step Roadmap will help you align your leadership energy to activate your next level of transformative impact.

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Energy, creative flow, meaningful wealth, and expansive impact.

By catalyzing a holistic, embodied approach to activating your creative thought leadership, sharing your authentic message, and creating a transformational movement with your business.


I'm Dawn

Aligned Energy & Leadership Coach and Embodied Business Strategiest

I'm here to support Change-maker Creators who want to ignite a high-value impact movement with their business...that doesn't burn out their energy.

I work with coaches, healers, and thought leaders who have a big mission for their business and want their life to support their work.






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Launched her Dance Mentorship business and filled her first group program!


Dawn is not only knowledgeable, clear, and professional but also intuitive and empowering. She provides step-by-step guidance, from discovering your brand values to creating a solid income-generating offering. I have finally been able to birth a business with growth potential and sustainability. Through her guidance, I have found more clarity and confidence in my own abilities and skills. I feel like I actually will arise from the COVID Pandemic more confident financially stable than when I entered, which is truly miraculous.

Sharon Wehner Dance & Movement Coaching


Go Talk To Dawn!


Dawn is all in, every moment, and has a rare skill set to merge both the embodied and the profit-making worlds. I needed someone to recommend ways of thinking through products, packaging, and tech in a way that didn't deflate the magic, art, and organic process of doing body-related work.

Likewise, she is able to hold your individual process with the reverence it is owed while also helping you get out of your own way. Her process feels guided by tough love and respect which makes me look forward to working with her.

Julia Davidson-Grand Writer and Arts Administrator for Movement Architecture



Grew her business while growing her family. 


Dawn is a true pleasure to work with! I sought her out for business coaching for a start-up in the health and wellness space, but she has delivered above and beyond to mindset work, family coaching, and maternity planning as a business owner. My biggest struggles were time management and confidence, and Dawn walked me through some great techniques to significantly improve my most pressing pain points. Because she has given me a solid foundation, I return to these techniques as my business changes versus being dependent on receiving answers for each new challenge. She never fails to surprise me with her knowledge or experience on so many matters and topics, making her one of the most well-rounded educators I’ve met.

Theresa Pride-Physical Therapist, Pilates Pro & Coach- Pride Physique



Launched and scaled her Movement Therapy Business Online

Dawn helped me to both start my business and to transition my business during the challenges of the Pandemic to a hybrid model that allows for more flexibility to move between in-person and virtual services. This shift allowed me to retain clients and move them to a higher-level program, which increases my revenue generation. Further, she helped me to scale my services to meet my needs so I can better show up for clients and facilitate a deeper and more empowering experience for them. 

Leeanne Frazier- Gyrotonic Instructor & Coach, Frazier Motion Studio


Embodied Her Next Evolution of Energy and Impact in Her Life and Business

I have worked with Dawn for over ten years to create the health strategies to manage my scoliosis and be at my best in my life and business. I recently embarked on deeper embodiment work to support a surgery I was having.  My surgical recovery demanded and created the opportunity to shift my perspective on who I was and what I wanted to contribute in this new stage of my life. Dawn’s archetype work, her superior coaching intention, and her focus on body embodiment and alignment enabled me to gain clarity and courage, claiming my unique gifts and begin working in a new energized way.

I often meet people who had similarly significant surgeries.  Unfortunately, many people miss the opportunity to really change and expand.  Their body changes, but they don’t.  I am grateful to Dawn for her knowledge, skills, and passion.

Nancy Vepraskas- CEO, P2Excellence


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