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Embodiment As A Tool For Coaches: An Interview with Benay Dyor

Sep 06, 2021

I have been a student of embodiment practices for the last twenty years and I am still continually amazed at the wisdom, insight, and path forward that emerges when I tune in and listen from my whole being- body, mind, and soul.

In this interview, I talk with my friend and colleague,  Editor of The Coach Guardian, and Columnist Benay Dyor.  We are talking about all things embodiment, including:

  • Where does the practice of Embodiment come from?
  • What makes Embodiment so transformational?
  • What type of problem is Embodiment perfect for?
  • How hard/easy it is to create an Embodiment Business?
  • What type of person should seriously consider training in Embodiment?
  • Is there a certification?
  • How can people study/learn about Embodiment?

And some other bonuses!

Click HERE to read a condensed version or listen below!



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